Tuesday, November 27, 2007

life update

i have a couple baby kitties again! they're being fostered because they are two little sickies for now. i get to hang onto them for two weeks which is probably way more than adequate time to get better as they have improved so much since yesterday.

they are the most hilarious little things ever. the 6 mos. old one, Mario, is playful, very acrobatic, and outgoing and the other, Duncan, is 3 mos. and is so cuddly but a tad on the shy side. they're always chasing each other around but i have yet to see them actually wrestle with each other since it's pretty much an ongoing game of intimidation.

soooo thankful to have my roommates both here after the Thanksgiving weekend. i missed late nite hangouts.

right now i'm trying to figure out what to do with my summer... i've made some contacts with some shelters and crisis centers in the midwest but am thinking i really want to get away and be completely out of my comfort zone. not sure how i would plan my life without this internet thing :)

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


i only have 5 more days of the whole go-to-class thing this semester... how sweet it is.

i went into the humane society last week and searched high and low to spend some time with leo and lexie. and couldn't find them in their place they were in when i last visited. so i finally went up to the front desk and asked where they were. the lady working the front desk told me that they were adopted out together to an older woman that lost her cat a year ago. it sounds like it's a happy ending for them. the older woman wanted their baby pictures, so that's a good thing. i'm not sure it could have turned out better.

in other news, i've been feeling kinda impatient towards God lately. i really liked the service at church tonite as it was about God's provisions for our lives. also, the music lyrics pushed on a sensitive spot as well. the only thing i wrote down in service was this sentence: "Let your hunger drive you to God."

it's a good reminder, which is why i wrote it down. but i feel like that's what i've been doing this past year. it's frustrating sometimes to let things prevail in God's time and not our own time. i guess i just need more opportunities to be patient.

the first verse we memorized in my sophomore year bible study applies ALL... THE... TIME. i think i need to make little exodus 14:14 post-its and stick them all over my house and car.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

...and NOT be moved by you?

i already posted this song before but i just found this skit online and it's amazing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

this sucks

watching my foster kitties wrestle at my place for the last time wasn't sad, carrying them out to the car in their travel carrier wasn't awful, driving them out to the humane society wasn't terrible, and playing with them for the last time wasn't difficult. but handing them over to begin their quest to be adopted and then walking and driving away, was possibly the hardest and most heartbreaking thing i've done in awhile. gosh, this sucks.
whoever gets to enjoy those two for the rest of their kitty lives is lucky. attachment is such a powerful thing.

much like suffocating

i have to take back my babies tomorrow morning. sadness. :(
pray for a loving home for leo & lexie if you are able. thanks

Sunday, November 11, 2007

micah 6:8

when i think about the blatantly obvious wrong decisions made by some Christians i know, i begin to engage in a circular battle in my head. at first, i get upset and think seriously? they think that's fine? then i begin to shrug it off and tell myself eh, well, they're in college so it's "okay" for now. they're just trying to have fun.

reading this quote brought me some peace.

"We can't escape all the influences around us; but we can choose what will have the greatest influence on us."

everyone's actions are a result of their own prioritizing. that's what makes being human, human. we screw up--a lot! outwardly, we can blame it on whoever we want, but in our hearts we really know that we consciously chose to go down that path. so i really don't think being in college and needing to be a part of that "scene" makes any difference on how a Christian should live. i don't care if it's your senior year.

we are such a credit card culture... our society pushes us to make our choices depending on what we want at the time (what feels good NOW) and we'll figure out the nitty-gritty stuff later. coincidentally, i just applied for my first credit card today (i swear i'll cut that up). but seriously, what a bizarre concept for our world to embrace: making decisions based on long-term, future consequences.

"growing up" has nothing to do with living a Godly life. it's "maturing up" and it can be done at any age.

double lives are so exhausting! reading the pretty words in the Bible are fun and all, but utterly pointless if you don't strive to parallel it with your actions.

and i write all of this hoping that when what i wrote is in hypocrisy with how i live that i will be called out in a hot second. thanks :)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

oh my

putting off all of my work until the last possible second appeals to me so much more than gradually accomplishing and having fun later. for my last two exams in my 8am class i decided to begin studying cramming for at 4am. i'm not gonna lie, i'm doing alright with that method.

today i had a draft of a paper due that i could have potentially been working on all afternoon, evening, and night yesterday. alas, i decided waking up at 6am today to write my paper would be a better idea. it wasn't until i was on my way to my 3rd class today that i realized the button-up shirt i was wearing was on inside-out... i don't even know. that kinda makes me wish i gave the paper i wrote at 6am a once-over before i turned it in.

i'm going back to bed.

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