Thursday, April 17, 2008


I went to the park today to catch up on some reading (thanks to the gorgeous weather). I set up my blanket on the lawn at a relatively safe distance away from the kid-dominated play structure. After looking around once I noticed a little guy not any older than 4 was swinging by himself. We smiled at each other for a second and he kept swinging.

I tend to zone out when I read. A couple minutes later, I glanced up from my book and the 4-year old kid, who I now noticed was sporting the cutest little mohawk, was standing directly in front of me, hovering. He stood there for a second and then said, "Hi mom." Then he walked back to the playground. Needless to say, I was very confused and just stared after him until he walked up to a very pregnant woman that I assumed was his mother and then he left.

I got back to the park a couple hours later after I decided to be ambitious enough to go running. I think that I was wired to only do things requiring sprinting and short-term strength. Long distances and endurance just doesn't work out for me. I'm not going to write-off running just yet, but man did that suck! There are way too many sick people out there that enjoy running for the hell of it. I envy them.

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Brett Maxwell said...

word. i hate running for no reason. but put a ball, frisbee, etc out there and i'll run for miles with no complaints.