Wednesday, June 24, 2009


"Snap me! Snap me!" "Auntie Sara, will you snap us?" Nigerians call pictures "snaps." Here's a collection of a bunch that I've taken over the last couple weeks at the children's homes and at the Kisayhip village. I will try to be more regular about adding pictures! Enjoy and breathe in Nigeria!

"Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words."

Big sister at 7 years old carries around her younger brother all day at the Kisayhip village.

Two children that I adore at CLAPAI children's home, holding on tight!

The staff and intern women of Back2Back Nigeria for summer 2009.

Two gorgeous siblings at the Kisayhip village.

Andrew and Sheena from our first group from the states, with a couple kids from the Kisayhip village.

This is probably my favorite picture that I've taken here as it's such a typical Nigerian woman with baby on back, head-to-toe in the beautiful Nigerian tapestries.

The staff children walking with some kids at the Kisayhip village.

I'm pretty sure we were the first white people that these kids at the village have seen and also, the first camera.

Pretty girl throwing up the peace sign in the Kisayhip village.

One of the staff women and I at the OLA orphanage.

At our first outreach and meeting of the children of the Kisayhip village.

The Oasis home--future home of the CLAPAI children's home--from the top of the boulders on the new Back2Back property.

Marybeth from our first group from the states thoroughly intriguing the kids.

Marybeth with more of the Kisayhip kids.

In front of the Oasis home with my girl Maryam, one of the girls from the surrounding village.

Just under 2 mos. old and found in a gutter, Mary Margaret is one of the new additions to the OLA orphanage.

Lois, another kid that lives in the village.

Patiently waiting in line for suckers being handed out.

So full of life in the village.

Some women that we shared food and prayer with in the Kisayhip village.

Playing with the camera in the village.

More girls from the village.

"Bah-ture-ay!" or "Look! A white person!"

More kids at the village.

At the boulders overlooking the new Back2Back property with a village kid.

Cute kids at the village.

Fumi, one of the children living at the OLA orphanage.

Dancers from our celebration night with the CLAPAI kids.

One of the traditional African dancers at our celebration night.

Cute kid in the village.

Another adorable face in the village.

Amidst the celebration night dancing with one of the CLAPAI girls.

Staff kid, Caleb, with his first caught lizard.

The day I got to witness 100 children playing with and seeing bubbles for the first time.

Helpful big sister carrying the little one.

In the boulders overlooking the B2B property.

More snaps in the village.

Beautiful Abigail from the village.

Abigail fascinated by the white person hair during our bench building.


Tricia said...

your pictures are amazing Sarah! Looks like you are having a great time. Praying for you!!!

Heather said...

beautiful. breathtaking. heartbreaking. love you, miss you, and praying for you lovely lady.